Vote No.1

Jerry Beades

Political, Constitutional & Judicial Reform

Our current system places vested interest and party loyalty above the ordinary citizens of Ireland, this must be address as a priority. Impartiality of our Judiciary and complete disclosure of business and financial interests is paramount to the rule of law, the practice of political appointments of the Judiciary must cease and Ireland should fall in line with best international practice in this regard.

Debt Renegotiation / Elimination

The national crisis in mortgage arrears must be dealt with, again as a priority. Banks must adopt a more concilatory position with three main focal points:

  • Meaningful Engagement

  • Independent Mediation

  • Alternative Relocation prior to Eviction.


Small business and Family Farms must be assisted in reaching mutually beneficial solutions with financial institutions, a level playing field.

Health and Education 

Our Health Service requires emergency treatment to ensure that everything possible is done to remove the tragedy of hospital trollies and waiting lists. Accountability and sanction for those responsible is missing completely, a refocus is required on quality public treatment plans.


Reform of our Education system must address spiraling costs to ensure maximum uptake of college places, not simply based of affordability.

Our National Constitution must reflect an expressed right to Housing, Health and Education!

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